A Green Home is Easier than Ever

Solar Heating & Air Conditioning

There is now a way to use free, renewable solar power to heat and cool your home: The Lennox SunSource® Home Energy System, now available everywhere. To learn more about what this innovative system can do for you, call or schedule an appointment online your FREE in-home consultation.

We call it a home energy system because that's exactly what it is. The system fully integrates solar power, harnessing the sun's free and renewable energy to reduce the electricity used by the heat pump or air conditioning system. But it doesn't stop there, the solar energy can also be used to operate other devices in the home that consume electricity - such as lighting and appliances - when the system is not running. Simply put, it's the world's only solar powered home energy system.

In addition to the cost savings and incentives offered by many local utilities for using high-efficiency heating and cooling equipment and/or renewable energy sources, the SunSource Home Energy System can make homeowners eligible for Federal and state solar tax credits. In some areas, when combined, these incentives could total thousands of dollars, significantly offsetting the investment.

Hybrid Home Comfort Systems

By combining the high-efficiency heating and cooling of a heat pump and furnace with the flexibility of new dual-fuel technology thermostats, we can optimize your household energy usage. Hybrid Home Comfort Systems provide unparalleled energy efficiency, saving homeowners hundreds in annual heating and cooling costs!

Our Hybrid Home Comfort Systems selects the most energy-efficient method to heat and cool the home. Just like a hybrid automobile, it switches between electric and gas (propane or oil) automatically. During warmer winter temperatures, the high-efficiency electric heat pump heats your home. When it gets colder, natural gas, propane or oil furnace takes over. The flexibility of these systems makes them ideal for homeowners frustrated with the ever increasing cost of energy, particularly in homes with oil heating.

High-efficiency Heating & Air Conditioning Systems

What if you could double the efficiency of your vehicle, overnight? That means you could go twice as far on the same amount of gasoline. Imagine the money-savings over time.

Sometimes the best energy-saving solution is a simple upgrade. Extreme-efficiency HVAC systems can save you up to 50% or more on your energy bills. That's like nearly doubling the energy efficiency of your entire home, overnight. What's more, these systems are more and more affordable every day. And with low monthly payments and reduced energy bills, a high-efficiency heating and air conditioning system can nearly pay for itself over the course of just a few years.

Programmable Thermostats

Did you know that as much as 50% of the energy used in your home goes towards heating and cooling it. Simply installing a new Programmable Thermostat with a Precision heating and AC Tune-Up could help to lower your energy consumption by as much as 30%. Call or schedule a Precision Tune-up with New Energy Solutions today for expert recommendations on the right thermostat for your home.